Re: Good Riddance, Dirtbags!

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Posted by Chancaca! on March 04, 2001 at 19:04:39:

In Reply to: Good Riddance, Dirtbags! posted by Chett on March 04, 2001 at 15:14:31:

Most Unfortunate Young Man:
Evidently you simply refuse to heed the voice of
reason. Since I know that your puerile co-
dependancy to abusive authority figures such as
most of the "senior" members of this list (I
don't think I qualify as such, given my
relatively recent auto-induction that has until
recently been challenged by He Who Calls Himself
Patrique) prevents you from severing the internet
umbilical cord that tethers you to us (i.e. - I
know you're still logging on), I have but one
final comment in response to your pathetic
missive below:

are reading this, so I shall make my point to
you succinctly:

: Well, I have learned nothing about Deadbolt
during the last week of reading this bulletin
board that I didn't already know. You people are
sick and twisted and probably ride Harleys
thinking you look real cool, but you're not!
Probably just a bunch of fat middle aged
alcoholics with home-made tatoos who are tone-
: Only so much abuse I should take - don't bother
replying to this, because I'm removing you from
my browser's "favorites" list.
: Dumbasses!
: -Chett-

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