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Posted by The Reverend Byrnz on February 28, 2001 at 13:43:46:

(Looks over shoulder)
I get a bad feeling about side effects of this post, but fuck em.
Listen I live in a sparrow fart town in Arkansas, called Jonesboro...maybe you heard of it...some kids shot some other kids at one of our schools (that i went to a while back but that is another story)
Well you see, I have a lot of friends that have been introduced to your music (by me) and they (and I) would love it if you ever meandered this way.
This group I am in could hook you guys up with a place to play and such, and I safely say that me and my friends could gather a crowd for you to play in front of.
I know you are playing fort smith the 9th of march, which is 5 hours from here.
But Damn!
Just to say that Deadbolt played here would be so fucking cool.
Do what thou wilt.

The Rev

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