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Posted by YDSM on February 24, 2001 at 23:23:36:

In Reply to: Listen Numbnuts.... posted by R.A. MacLean on February 24, 2001 at 19:14:46:

: What? You forgot to bring your "Airs" with you
: that last post.

: You say that the Website is to discuss Deadbolt
: related issues. Well it seems that has taken a
: backseat to such important issues as your
: diatribes of "Ode's to Diana D". You sir, your
: hypocrisy knows no boundaries. I pray I never
: you at a DB show.

: If you're a Deadbolt Fan, then you are one of
: most fucked up individuals I've ever read about
: on this forum, and thus give Deadbolt fans
: this fruited plain a bad name.

: Please Fuck off,

: R.A.

Eat shit, R.A. Give us a fuckin' break. You're a
middle-aged male nurse!!! What are you gonna do
if you see one of us(folks like myself and
Chancaca! who refuse to suck your dick here) at a
show? Beat us up with a bedpan??? Tell ya
what...I'll eventually catch you guys(Deadbolt)
during one of my frequent jaunts to SoCal(It
seems you're chicken to visit Detroit). From what
I understand, you guys hang out some after shows
and drink beer, shoot pool, whatever. Good. I'll
be all by my lonesome except my g/f. I'll
introduce myself to you as YDSM. The way I look
at have 3 choices- 1.- Laugh all this
nonsense off, in which case I, of course, would
also and probably even buy you a beer. 2.- Gather
up the band and all your pals there and commence
some kinda insult show(this is my prediction of
what would likely happen), but that's ok. I'll
walk away knowing you're a pussy. 3.- Challenge
me to a man-to-man fight(least likely scenario),
in which case you'd lose. Now, of course, I find
all of this shit a big joke and really am not
interested in any kinda confrontation but you're
the bad-ass posting about "hoping to see us at a
show sometime" all threatening-like. You started
it, toughguy. I bet you're a big sissy by
yourself. Fuckin' fag.

You Don't Scare Me...Hahahaha!


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