Re: OK, I'll hit the floor....

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Posted by YDSM on February 24, 2001 at 23:06:39:

In Reply to: Re: OK, I'll hit the floor.... posted by Chancaca on February 24, 2001 at 18:28:13:

: RA:
: You may be the bass player and a founding
: but you are also, unfortunaely, a self-inflated
: pompous ass.

: How can I say this....the whole point of this
: freakin' bulletin board is to allow fans to
: on Deadbolt-related topics. The character of
: such posts will be directly related in content,
: tone and character to that of the Band's.
: since the band is a parody (that is what you
: right? I mean, you guys aren't REALLY outlaw
: truckers or hit men out to whack clowns, are
: you?) then the comments will also naturally
: gravitate towards the parody/fantasy/faux-
: world that lends Deadbolt its appeal. To
: otherwise is sheer delusion on your part. For
: serious discussions, please point your mouse
: towards or Plenty of real
: serious business going on in the world today,
: they all require registration with a real e-
: address before allowing anyone to post.

: So some nimrod followed you around to three of
: your shows in different states? You should be
: flattered, my good man! Such person is
called "a
: fan" and regularly haunts the trailers of many
: other pop music "artists." Madonna. Green
: Neil Young. Christina Aguilera. Sex Pistols -
: name the style or the decade. If anything,
: fan of yours legitimizes who and what you are -
: self-proclaimed public figure in the
: entertainment business.

: You want privacy? Then park that bass guitar
: the closet, stop giving interviews that recount
: your wild-ass, liquored-up, irreverent
: on the road to rock-n-roll nirvana, and stick
: your day job. Otherwise, accept risks (and
: benefits) of your public personae. I can't
: believe you don't already know this!!

: Oh - what's even the point of asking posters to
: list their real e-mail address - so you can
: up and find out if our names are really "YDSM"
: or "Chancaca?" WTF??!!?? Who cares who we
: really are?!? If I give you my Microsoft e-
: address, will that make any of my off-the-cuff
: remarks to you, DD or the others any more
: legitimate?

: Well, please excuse this outburst, but if
: one thing I can't stand it's a hypocrite - and
: you, my dear Mr. MacLean, qualify as such in
: spades. Like you said before...."it's only a
: band!" Grow up.

: Yours Smugly,
: Chancaca!

Well said, Chancaca! I never understand the
whole "post your email address if you're so tuff"
shit some morons post. I fully understand that
there are probably some thin-skinned folks here
that I occassionally offend. Like those are the
folks I really want having my email
address...fuckin' dinks.

Mr. R.A. MacLean's turning out to be even more
fun than Patrick here. Oh well, with some folks
it's almost TOO easy to find what buttons to
push. Kinda takes the fun out of it.



: :
: :

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