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Posted by Vermin on February 23, 2001 at 06:50:19:

In Reply to: Re: Everybody read this... posted by YDSM on February 22, 2001 at 23:20:25:

Oh geez.....
That's right.....
I remember reading that a while back....

Alright I agree, BUT, I do think there are levels/stages/phases of creepy....
There is "walking through a graveyard at night" creepy, which is a GOOD creepy.
Then there is Patrick and his meanderings about other peoples behinds....
Which I think is a BAD creepy.
Help me to not offend your beliefs again!
What word SHOULD I have used in this case?
Am I correct in my beliefs about phases of the "C" word?
Help me be a better person!
(I'd go back and check it out, but what was the subject when that got brought up? I don't
remember, and there are a lot of posts to re-read.....)

Cause I sure as heck don't wanna end up like Patrick......
Then again, I believe the issues that have shaped his paranoia ridden, egocentrical, little world
happened long ago in a very nasty childhood.....

On the other matter....
Were you objecting the the word "Those" in conjunction with "people"?
Because the sentence before that wasn't all that generalized, and "those" was in reference to
the afforementioned sentence.
ie- "those" people being ones who let nasty women poop on them.

Ahhh..... wait, was it "nasty"?
If so, I see your point....
I SHOULD have defined that a little better.
I appologize to all, it was very late.


: : And you, Patrick, seem to have some weird,
: sicko, butt fetish.
: : I mean, come on, stick THIS in your butt, stick
: THAT in your butt......
: : Recently, the "F" word was foremost in your
: mind, now it's butts.....
: : I don't like where you are headed Patrick.
: : Is the next step where you combine the two?
: : Your recent fascination with all things anal
: disturbs me a little.
: : Because, well, to be honest.....

: : I really don't want you thinking about my butt,
: Patrick.

: : Really, I have to insist that you cease any
: further imaginative scenerios involving my butt.
: : You know, come to think of it, I'll bet there
: are a bunch of people here who really don't want
: you
: : thinking about THEIR butts either.
: : Seriously, just THINKING about you thinking
: about my butt gives me the creeps.
: : Yuk.
: : You seem like a creepy guy.
: : Patrick, I have to ask......
: : I'm afraid of what the answer might be, but,
: well....It might help us all understand you a
: little
: : better, and a confession just may help your
: come to terms with yourself, so you can let go of
: all
: : of this angst.....

: : Do you let nasty women poop on you?

: : You seem like you might be one of "those"
: people.....
: : I hope not.
: : Maybe we can find some kind of program for you
: to get into or something.
: : It won't be easy, but we'll be rooting for
: you!!!!!!

: :
: : Wow, it's late, I gotta get some sleep....
: : Good night Patrick.
: : Sweet dreams......
: : As long as they don't involve,
: know....

: : We're clear on this, right?

: : V

: There's that use of the word "creepy" again as if
: it's a bad thing... Vermin, I advise you to read
: an earlier post regarding my admonishment of a
: certain D.D. for her same suspected abuse of the
: word. She clarified things, but as you're new
: here, I just wanna make sure your angle on things
: is correct. Comprende? And please reconsider your
: stance on "scat" play. You'll soon find out that
: broad generalizations posted here(assuming we may
: all find poop-play "gross", etc.) get trounced
: upon rather quickly and thoroughly. Now go fix me
: a turkey pot pie, you son of a bitch!

: *Fed up with Patrick's baloney sub sandwiches*

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