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Posted by Patrick on February 18, 2001 at 20:16:36:

In Reply to: Re: Where you should play posted by Diana Death on February 18, 2001 at 16:43:10:

...I'm one guy that never ever thought Madonna
was attractive in any way. I think she has horse
eyes and the worse hair colouring job on the
planet. I even thought she looked like crap in
that Sex book. She has the hairiest armpits and
pussy this side of Italy. Her beaver must stink
to high hell. I'd rather get shot in the head
than eat her muff. I hate her mouth. She has a
liar's mouth, and her skin tone sucks. I'd rather
sleep with Martha Stewart dressed in her
gardening clothes. You did way better with Debbie
Harry. She's fine. I'm seriously looking forward
to any Blondie stuff you do. It'll eclipse
anything previously out of San Diego.

: : First it's "Sir" Anthony Hopkins, then John
: : Malkovich(the admitted fag who fled America
: : England to escape "redneckedness"[actual word
: : coined by JM in Playboy interview]) and upon
: : reflection you DO seem to have a certain
: : affliction of using "S"s in words that need a
: "Z"
: : and that occasional extra "U" added to some
: words
: : (colour???) in your posts. Perhaps you are a
: : budding Anglophile, DD? An undercover
: : What's next, a sudden interest in Madonna???

: : (Now, DD, if you even post anything remotely
: : angry as a result of this good-natured
: ribbing...)

: :
: : "...I'll bring a SawzAll to a gunfight. Don't
: : mess with me-I'm a voodoobilly man..."
: : YDSM

: How astute of you to notice my unabashed
: Anglophilia. I prefer British spellings, and
: have been using them since the 8th grade.
: I don't feel like writing a thesis for you, and
: it's a subject which has already been discussed
: here in the past. I'll make a long story short
: and say that it's just because I feel like it.

: Hey, Madonna is cool. She does whatever the
: she wants, and doesn't care what anyone thinks
: it.

: I'm really a fag trapped in a girl's body,
: D.D.

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