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Posted by YDSM on February 17, 2001 at 18:23:41:

In Reply to: touring posted by joey.o on February 17, 2001 at 06:17:10:

: If you guys get a chance to tour the Midwest
: again,I hope you make a stop in Detroit.The
: Labyrinth here in Detroit would be a cool venue
: for Deadbolt to play.If your tour does reach
: Detroit area you ought to contact The Labyrinth
: through its website, and discuss
: booking a gig,if possible.I know that you were
: supposed to play in Detroit last time you
: out this way but the owner of the club you
: have played dropped the ball or something.Damn
: shame.We were looking forward to seeing the
: play Detroit.I work at The Labyrinth (I bartend
: and sometimes help do security) and should
: mention Deadbolt to Blackie,the woman who runs
: the place.Hopefully,if another Midwest tour
: develops soon,she'll be interested in landing a
: gig for the band.By the way,what's with these
: creeps on the message board constantly
: Diana Death?Is this how people show
: for a band they're supposed to like?Jesus!!

Ooooh, great! Yet another Detroiter with a venue
suggestion. The Labyrinth??? What's with you
Eastsiders, anyways??? *sweet voice*: Are you
gonna sell $5 waters and serve lattes at the
show, too? Your suggestion has about as much
merit as the kid here earlier babbling about the
Majestic. And what's all this Blackie mean to tell me Blackie Lawless
finally scraped up the dough for that tranny op
and now runs a "gentlemens'(*wink*) club" in
Detroit??? Figures...Tell ya what, son- I suggest
you take your Koolaid-haired phat-pants-wearin'
newskoolio'd punk rawk ass and get on yer sparkly-
purple-"Goddess"-stickered Vespa and git yer ass
back to the other side of 8 Mile Rd. Hear me,
boy?!? Now GIT!! You don't even want the Detroit
Hit Squad coming for you and your neo-hippy punk
rock friends, pal. Either that or you better
start funnelling free fifths of liquor to me from
that bar. I'll email you a Dumpster drop-location.
And now, on to a more somber subject...

Public apology to Deadbolt, their fans and

I sincerely apologize for my past lack in showing
appreciation for your work. I honestly never knew
that this was the purpose of this board. Again, I
humbly offer my most sincere sorrow. Now, can
anyone please point me to a Deadbolt BBS for
spills, chills and thrills? I take it this one
here must be for the "serious" fans...

"...I'll force you into that dark back room to
meet Blackie. Don't mess with me- I'm a
voodoobilly man..."

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