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Posted by Chancaca on February 13, 2001 at 10:44:39:

In Reply to: Re: Don't give up... posted by Patrick on February 12, 2001 at 21:48:00:

Most Gracious Friend:
Your concern for Miss Diana's emotional and
structural wellness is indeed maganimous and
heartwarming to behold. I understand now why she
continues to thrive despite her ill-chosen path
of delinquency, debauchery and iniquity: it is
through your support and comfort that she derives
the strenght to carry on.

However, please understand my predicament in this
tangled matter of the heart. I am, as you know,
an upstanding pillar of my community, descended
from a long and straight line of learned and
monied gentry in this here parish. I cannot well
afford to have my reputation sullied by a woman
who would not accept my offer for the opportunity
to reform and rectify her presently less-than-
ladylike condition. My affections for Miss Death
are none the lesser, yet my duties to the family
lineage and community standard demand that I
refrain for any furhter groveling at her doorstep
(or crypt gate, as the case may be). Such would
not do my character justice, Sir!

Please find it within your means to convey to
Miss Diana my sincerest regret for any pain and
suffering my noble advances may have caused her.
My intentions were, I can assure you, always
forthright and honorable.

Yours with a Twist:


PS: All is not lost between the fair lady and
me - should she wish to reconsider, it would take
but a simple haiku on her part to rekindle my
fervor for her. Preferably a haiku without the
words "fuck,", "fuck off," "asshole," and other
such remonstrances of unprincipled affection.

: ...You can't give up Chancaca. Diana will be
: doomed to live the solitary life of a Wal-Mart
: cashiere that goes home and eats her Big Mac by
: herself, watching "Blind Date" on TV while
: socking away the pounds. You're her only hope!
: You must sing to her Chancaca! Sing loud and
: of love!

: I posted this with the wrong name, sorry.

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