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Posted by Patrick on February 11, 2001 at 22:18:01:

In Reply to: Re: Unholy Matrimony posted by Chancaca on February 11, 2001 at 12:09:09:

...Chancanca, she's almost ready to surrender! I
can tell. I know a little bit about her, and when
she protests like that, it's a defense against
her own heating passions! You can't give up now
Chacaca, not this close! Now she'll email R.A.
MacLean and ask him to challenge you. Don't
worry, this is because she has to make sure your
love is firm and real, not just the passing fancy
of a playboy. Many have given up at this point
but you must capture her passions fully to win
her over Cancaca. What she likes at this point is
poetry. You must use your poetic skills to sing
to her. She likes poems of dead people. I know, I
know, it's tough comprising a sonnet of a rotting
corpse, but try your best, in the vein of Edgar
Allen Poe. Don't give up Chanana!

: My Dearly Beloved Diana:
: One hurts those most whom one loves most! I
: that, given enough time,your fondness for me
: would begin to grow and mature, like a flame
: being fanned by the hot Santa Ana winds that
: whisper your name to me almost every night...

: I am sure that this very flame, now but a mere
: spark, will eventually rise and consume us both
: in a maelstrom of passion and desire that will
: know no bounds.

: Another thought: hows' about we ask Deadbolt
: play the wedding fete? I understand they only
: ask for $250 up front plus a case of beer (no
: Lite). We can handle that, right? You decide
: the floral arrangement (please no black roses -
: they depress me so).

: BTW - Christopher Walken has been dead, God
: his evil soul, for over three years (despite
: recent Hollywood cameo appearances). Bobby
: DeNiro is/was a personal friend of mine and is -
: how can I put this in as delicate a manner as
: possible -quite happily gay.

: Your Future Fiance'
: Chancaca!

: : Chancaca,

: : At present, I am only accepting marriage
: proposals from Robert DeNiro and Christopher
: Walken. Unless: you happen to be extremely
: wealthy and willing to write me in as sole
: benefactor to your estate; THEN we might have
: something to talk about! But, you'll have to
: understand that the marriage will never be
: consummated, and that shortly after the
: you will meet with a very unfortunate fatal
: accident...

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