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Posted by Patrick on February 11, 2001 at 14:46:07:

In Reply to: Re: The Return of the Webastards posted by El Marco on February 09, 2001 at 11:31:30:

...Well since 1987 there's a whole lot more
traffic. Probably not as bad as that SF bridge
thing up there but The Freeway 15 Corridor is
such an overcrowded snafu that the traffic
reports routinely say, "As usual, 15 is a total
mess, no change there." I turned down a few good
jobs simply because I didn't want to drive the
15. If you get relocated up there to work in
North-inland county, just live there if you have
to. East county's huge but it's still not a
terrible drive thanks to the new Fwy 52 that
serves Santee, El Cajon, and Lakeside. Spring
Valley, Jamul, Steel Canyon (Valhalla HS are) is
getting a new freeway to ease that up, that's not
so bad. The South county is huge, the number two
growth to North County. Eastlake is like a whole
city down there with the Coors Amphitheatre and
the Olympic Training Center. That's an hour and a
half drive during rush to the north clairemont
business area.

Personally? Rent a bit and take some time looking
for a dwelling in the area you like, because with
all these self-teach computer apps, savvy people
are now selling their own houses alot more,
especially here in PB, and you have to look
closely in the area you want to buy for houses /
properties that don't have the marketing exposure
a realty-backed sale might afford. In terms of
areas, it's kind of like; you live in a nice
beach / sub-metro area (eg Mission Hills), or you
live 15 miles out. Me, I think the extra I pay
living coastal, I get back in gas money and time
(!) by living against the mass-flow of the
traffic they all go west to work, we drive 70mph
going east or inland. Going home they all drive
like snails going east or inland, we just zip in
the opposite direction.

I think if I didn't live in PB, the areas in no
particular area I'd look are: Mission Hills,
Point Loma (the MCRD has left, it's going to be
upscale comm prop), Normal Hieghts, City Heights,
Bay Front/heights(just across the freeway from
Mission Bay Park, very casual, lots want to live
there now) La Mesa if you can deal with the
police codes and picket fences, and of course my
fav targeted location, Del Mar, which is still
very neat, and relaxing. Clairemont's
surprisingly more ethnic, and that's where one
moves if they knock-up their PB girlfriend and
ain' got the cash for a two-bedroom apt. in PB,
ha. You want to consider schools, and that's
tricky, because some have gotten better, and some
are pretty trashy that used to be good

...and of course, there's this cottage next door
to Disgraceland for rent now (always vacant) but
you'd have to hear this next door neighbor guy,
that always dresses in black, and whom disappears
for months at a time, and yells and screams all
night about real or imagined characters that he
wants to go kill, but it's there if anyone is
daring or stupid enough to move in.

oh yeah, and the electricity rates went up a
bonafide 1300% ( $00.14 per KWatt-hour, the
highest in the state)

: Fill me in. I've been away too long and I have
: absolutely no idea about the San Diego scene.
: All I know is that SD's a lot cheaper, and I
: to buy a house. Can't get a house up here for
: less than $500,000.00.

: : Now that surprises me. For real, what the
: hell's
: : down here?

: :
: : : I will be moving back to San Diego after 13
: : years in San Francisco. Enough of my former
: : associates have "passed on" so it's time to
: : return........I'll be looking for YOU.

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