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Posted by YDSM on February 08, 2001 at 17:51:44:

In Reply to: YSDM , Your Full of Shit posted by Babba Booey on February 07, 2001 at 21:49:54:

: : If your computer will support it, look at
: for a phone interview from Drew and
: Mike, WRIF's morning crew, with ?. Drew and Mike
: (who have recently defeated Stern as the
: most-listened-to radio show) have a penchant
: "Jerky Boys"-styled phone fun and always come
: with obscure folks to phone and harrass.
: about a month or so ago, they got ahold of
: "Question Mark's" phone number(he still resides
: here in Michigan) and phoned him. It should be
: listed in the Drew and Mike archives. I just
: the link to ? and the Mysterians on your site
: thought you might be interested in this.

: : YDSM

: Who the fuck are Drew and Mike??? Prove to me
: they beat Stern nationwide.Maybe they beat him
: locally, but noway nationwide. I'm sure your a
: Mancow lover too.

: I do like ?, some other fine Michigan bands are
: The Henchmen, Bump N' Uglies, the Demolition
: DollRods (Danny is sassy).

: Prove yourself!!!Or shut the hell up!!!

You fool...I'm not interested in "proving" radio
show ratings, but I will comment upon your choice
of "fine" MI bands. First, anyone who publicly
admits to liking the Demo Doll Rods automatically
self-revokes thier license to comment on music in
any form. 2 cracked-out broads and a skinny hippy
drummer who feels compelled to wear dresses and
heels(sorry, kid, but Lux Interior's only been
doing that for about, oh, 20 years or so now)
singing about drag races. How original and oh-so-
"garage" Detroit. I'm surprised you didn't
mention the Trash Brats, for chrissakes. Glam is
dead. On to the Bump N' Uglies...their wrestling
routine is mildly amusing, but reeks too much of
new-school WWF nonsense rather than
old "rasslin'" with faces and heels wearing masks
and shit(plus, I think they cavort with ICP...a
definite no-no). The Henchmen I'm in full
agreement with.

Now, Patrick(your anger at radio talk and
affinity for glam music make it obvious this is
you), instead of dissecting my posts you really
should think about selling all those Morrissey
albums you have, turn off your
local "alternative" radio station with its
college play lists and grow some hair on your
chest. Eat a pickle or something.

That horseradish ain't shit, boy-

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