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Posted by Patrick on February 02, 2001 at 22:03:14:

In Reply to: Re: Patrick, Johnny, and Harley... posted by harley on February 02, 2001 at 16:17:58:

...NO! I'm not 'gonna get over it' you owe this
man fifteen bucks due and payable now! American
Money. Forget Marco. That sonofabitch is all over
Europe, I'm riding my bike around Pacific Beach,
and sometimes going to Kansas and Wyoming. His
football team went 14-1, mine went 1-14. His
website gets 8000 hits a week, mine gets 8, and
they're all from fucking Singapore. His fucking
multinational conglomerated company's skyscraper
is bigger than my fucking multinational
conglomerated company's skyscraper. Life's not
fair motherfucker, life's not fair! oh jeeez, I
got a headache. Deadbolt's playing tonight in
town. I'm outta here.

: : Patrick-
: : For all those times that we were unable to
: : get you on the guest list, oh well. There
: : times we couldn't get Marco on the PEST LIST,
: : being the og web bastard we knew hime a
: : lot longer than you so get over it.

: : Johhnny-
: : I've known you for a long time Johnny and
: : really have a beef with you or any of the
: : boys so regarding your color commentary I'll
: : consider the source.

: : Harley-
: : I'm eagerly anticipating your arrival, it
: : be drunken mayhem at its best. If you are
: : I can probably set you up with a couple of
: : T.V.'s, just kiddin', anyway see you soon!!!

: forget the post op t.v,s how about a couple of
big cajuns with shotguns to blow the back of an
ex wife,s ass out if she trys to kill me down
there. no forget about it i,ll just bring jose.

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