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Posted by claymore on February 01, 2001 at 19:26:15:

In Reply to: What Am I Doing In A Place Like This posted by Johnny Wizard on January 26, 2001 at 22:34:56:

: What ever did happen to us?

: Hey folks, how ya feeling? So I had this dream the
: other day, where my radio played this song stating God
: has created another album, so I hate the bastard and
: something a.. he's a funking son of a, corresponding
: with my own thoughts in tandem, as I turned off
: something of myself that I didn't want to hear, because
: I'm allowed as John to have an opinion on what I like
: to listen to while dreaming. So, It's not me or God,
: him or her, it's us together including them. Without
: you, we don't exist. As God the Maker, has me where
: as, no matter what I do, I'm the best, always will be,
: I'm sorry, but we are in hell. I could do what I will
: as myself for eternity, and I'd still be the best
: always. We don't take from God, but give of ourselves
: through creation. This shared ability can not be
: understood outside of ourselves, as it encompasses all
: of what it is to be alive. When you or someone like
: yourself tells another you care about them, we
: generally, honestly do, and in our living universe,
: that includes God as love without any doubt. You love
: your child, you love God. You love your spouse, you
: love God. You love the forest through the trees, you
: love God. You love peanut butter sandwiches, you love
: God. You love smoking crack, your hurting the soul.
: (Doesn't mean your unsalvageable, it's just such a
: terribly good drug, it'll even end ya on this side
: too.) It does not make your love any less true or
: meaningful because you don't know everything, and that
: is why my Queen. (Anything else I can do for you, I
: will obey as your slave.) Just because this can
: degenerate into complete chaos at any single moment,
: does not mean for certain, Billy can no longer have his
: own show, or write his own songs, or that we can't find
: who personally by name is secretly selling our weapons
: to whom, to kill us as anyone. Like the American
: Defence Department, on behalf of their secret private
: contract nazi friends, are doing to us today. We have
: had more boys explode under the expert command of God's
: tongue than any other military leader I'm sure, and
: straight into stupid wars with themselves as men from
: watching to many movies, stretching back thousands of
: years, instead of admitting this whole life thing,
: isn't just about impressing the ladies by men getting
: together to destroy ourselves to prove we are better by
: not listening. I'm being completely straight with you,
: and now I'm not, because I don't have to be what you
: demand of yourself. I wrote this. "All personal
: relationships we have are unique to those we have them
: with.", and if that isn't enough to scare you as an
: adult, we're also all individuals. Why it should pain
: someone's personality, that others live private lives
: differently, not hurting anybody, I can't understand
: any further. Albeit, with the way sexual drives can be
: fluid, and next to impossible to encapsulate into words
: entirely, in just my opinion, can get disturbingly
: disgusting in areas I can't relate to as a caring
: human, and has at occasion brought me close to vomiting
: by looking any further, but to each their own I guess,
: and as long as their not trying to pull us into a hate
: of disrespect for ourselves or others, we would believe
: in doing as we willed ourselves. I live my life on my
: terms as John, trying to do so with my actions falling
: in the constraints of law with order. As what we all
: would believe we should, in a still living
: civilization. Every moment we share is of eternity.
: The only thing that keeps you from falling into a
: infinite chaotic flurry of blackness as yourself
: truthfully without any support, is your universal, all
: the same for everyone, God given protection to leave
: you open a chance for change, to laugh or cry, live or
: die. A real, life and death world where the man in
: charge of your military intelligence for NATO, Mr.
: Wesley Clark, who I am not aware has ever run for
: political office, tells us the reason the Palestinians
: don't protect themselves with tanks, bazookas, armored
: personnel carriers, and war bunkers, is a propaganda
: ploy of Gods, trying to get support from us as
: civilians. While he personally openly sides with his
: american nazi business partners who sell out every
: living soul on our planet for the freedom to steal our
: dollars. American heroes on your behalf. No really,
: that is what he wrote almost verbatim in Time, or
: Newsweek, or was it CNN? You know it really doesn't
: matter anyway. See, this laughable excuse as your
: military intelligence is not funny, and insulting to us
: all. This is the man who decided against your laws, on
: behalf of all North Americans and us Europeans, to kill
: innocent people on a market place bridge with a bombing
: run of our collective political authority. This is a
: man who qualifies for Larry's show as a typical
: american patriot, who does seem personable, and I'm
: sure with his training thinks what he believes is right
: without thinking as a soldier with no one giving orders
: to but fight as himself, while we as us who barely
: survive the blows illegally, do not. This is the
: center of our troubled mind in eternity. Cool eh? A
: God, who once you get to not know as eternal existence
: no where around, can't leave you feeling anything but
: like a child again, in charge of your very own shared
: ancient play time universe. With some of the most
: awesome things at our potentials. Just for starters,
: look at how easily, I've become King of the Universe as
: Creator, by simply giving from myself as a poor man
: starving to death for attention? The right wingers
: here of course, feel extremely threatened by their weak
: hanging by a thread egos, and attack themselves as the
: poor and weak as of what they truly are themselves in
: spirit because of their cowardice for ourselves and
: their poor educations, that I, the smart ass, am no
: longer going to put up with because their losses our no
: longer worth ours together to continue on as the living
: dead. We've suffered enough. They can learn like all
: the rest of us can if they will. I am sure of myself
: as unknowable now, as I always was. Who never, when I
: was a even secretly a poor man King, backed down from
: any challenge I had enough time to consider, or feared
: speaking my mind, despite the songs that name me wrong
: for who knows what purpose. More than likely, because
: only a very few in today's world sadly, have any idea
: about what I am writing, or thinking, or are even
: likely interested, so I'm stuck as God living with the
: way things are. Look, as I say, I will face any person
: who thinks foolishly I am here as something for them to
: abuse, the Son of God as Creator, or just a fellow
: human being who knows what this means, who is solely
: responsible for your life through existence. I can't
: say how anyone else thinks, nor do I want to, and that
: freedom extends to all, including myself especially. A
: sacrifice on my part as young King Tut maybe through
: our creativity, to provide all an available immortality
: along with just some of the most smoothest tunes to
: help us all get by, but I'm not required by law to
: accept insult after robbery, or play a fictitious Jesus
: to whom I am as myth, not as someone's timid victim,
: but as God prepared to exercise my rights as a man with
: emotions, who as Satan, does occasional get carried
: away because I was born crazy. Faith in God as
: yourself is what we are learning here. There is no
: conflict, other than yourself not understanding you are
: something you alone, can completely know. Why?
: Because we all want to have fun at some point in the
: far distant future, hopefully. So, some people get
: defensive, call ourselves down as weaker than we
: actually are, insulting your existence thinking we're
: not here to defend ourselves. Trying to stay in their
: dark closed off cracking egg shell I know everything
: understandings. Leaves some to lie in the light of the
: day as the, I as us am better than God by myself, cause
: look, it's clear, I can not know completely what we are
: doing by pretending I do with myself as wisdom not here
: playing my part. See? God is as much a victim as
: everyone else is. We are masters of our own lives
: through creation. I can't buy your soul for you to
: play rock and roll, you have to live to do it through
: practice on your own. Some people will say, the only
: way someone could be so well accomplished in
: expression, is to not work their lives through it, so
: they sit back with their own, and do nothing for their
: own selves. The popular, I'm too old to learn
: anything, so I don't have to, because it must be a
: chore without any rewards, that they can think of as
: course. This is why I am so much in favor of theatre
: school programs. We show in of ourselves today, that
: we are animals desperately trying to do what we can for
: each other to survive in this toxic waste dump of
: stupidity. These private corporations I've written on,
: who claim to work on your behalf, that's right, you,
: are real, but don't. The American Defence Department
: starts wars to kill innocent people, for their private
: contractor's cash profit, who think privately, on their
: own without a public challenger, they can come up with
: a really good defence for killing us excuse, as I can
: as God for anything or nothing, because I got this
: whole thing down. It's happening today. They dumped
: over 564,000 pounds of depleted uranium in the Iraqi
: desert to kill mammals for more than a million years,
: as well as thousands of American soldiers, with no one
: yet to be made broke, and put into prison. Today some
: cowardly good for nothing nazi in American tax paid for
: government who is not being covered by our corporate
: new departments, is trying to okay the sale of our
: weapons in Africa to kill people, on hopes to start
: another peasant war to take us all into, when we should
: as humanity, go after these war mongering billionaire
: bastards now. Lockeed or Bowing, who ever they are.
: If they refuse to discuss this like the rational human
: beings we are, or myself, naturally people who care for
: each other, hunt them down as soldiers fighting for
: liberty and justice for all. All executive board
: directors from every arms manufacturer in America and
: abroad, speak publicly, quit, or beware. Our well
: trained surviving soldiers know what you've done to us
: with deadly uranium shell dust in the Gulf war who's
: lethality has been understood since 1933, and then
: repeated again in Kosavo, mindless inoculations,
: chemical warfare tests on us as the unsuspecting, along
: with all the American cancer victim workers who are
: still alive, who were ordered near the T-72's for human
: testing, that they now have on open display to the
: public, in of all places, Texas, and just their total
: disrespect for all of life as we know it. I swear to
: myself, we, as the God loving, will put you in your
: graves where you'll be left to stay, faster you can say
: Holy Diver. Make peace, or Jesus will come knocking to
: your door with his bible. Wars were always dumb, and
: can be torn down before they start, by stopping them as
: the instigators, trying to steal our moola through
: silencing us. VLTs attack us all by destroying our
: economy and our souls, while our wealthy newspaper
: editors mostly know it, because we've left thousands of
: messages. Really. With all us people playing the
: parts of Adam and Eve at the very worst possible time
: now too I guess. God, I wish we knew only half of what
: we were doing at this race we are all losing to
: miserably. It would seem to me, personal relationships
: are built on trust, and a respect for each other as
: Gods, and those who don't understand this, should not
: continue to hold positions of your political power to
: hurt ourselves. What would you feel about yourself, if
: you grew defensive towards the way they publicly feel
: about themselves as you to abuse, while we are left
: alone to carry the burden as this beast upon our souls,
: that works to leave most of the world, poor, hungry,
: destitute and alone? Would you say you were not human?
: That I had no right to exist as Creator, but to be
: paraded in the light by the darkness of fools, or to
: not be allowed to speak my mind freely as John to
: defend myself against the corporate world, of which is
: of our own real dying and polluted lives, in through we
: live as wind and rain too? That seems to be the
: popular consensus among our, the public doesn't exist
: corporate professionals, while we all die real deaths
: by killing each other by ignoring ourselves. Look, my
: life, as it is for living, is the worst it could ever
: be. I'm sorry, but it is, and will likely be for some
: time it seems. I'm not looking for love, or even
: friendship anymore, I'm trying to save my sweetie baby
: planet, who still believes in me. I'm still excepting
: dinner invites though.. ah, hm, ya. I had this other
: revealing dream the other day too, that I thought I
: might pass your way also. It's a bit of a story so
: I'll just get to what I got from the experience. It
: would seem, to my astonishment, that in a complicated
: convolution of judgement, it had me, that I, John, our
: God King by name, in a similar situation as we find Mr.
: Martin with, would have taken an action against our
: monetary interests as the nations too, at that time in
: a haze of ignorance and stupidity while being asleep at
: the wheel. Hmmm, so.. a.. sorry about misjudging
: myself Mr. Martin through my concerns of us in
: government, not giving a damn about our apathy through
: praises to everyone on the job nobody knows that were
: doing as ourselves, so newspaper owners can steal
: oodles of our cash in advertizing, and we can get back
: to more full time part time, no benefits for anyone
: slave work for our private banker building welfare
: recipients. Call them up Mr. Martin, please. The
: Winnipeg Sun. Do it. Everybody do it. Amsterdam,
: Moscow, New York, Ethiopia, the U.K., all you guys,
: come on. Ask them why they don't talk about the
: financial situation that they are well aware of
: pertaining to our stolen money they accept from the
: lottery corporation, but refuse to acknowledge the
: illegal theft from our grandparents, and the poor
: minded, which includes all of us in society, from only
: the newspaper owner friend, the only one person allowed
: to answer the phone, ever. Try! Or Global, where Alan
: gives no excuse for not trying to help us, by risking
: their cash withdrawals on all our living standards. Or
: maybe the CKY owners, that grossed out over 250,000,000
: of our dollars last year in little Manitoba. How is
: it, that satellite providers can provide between 200 to
: 400 channels for fifty bucks a month that cover all
: royalties, but cable all this while, what? 50 with
: commercials, who's cash does rarely go to our
: excellent, why we are listening entertainers? (Thanks
: people, sorry about all the name calling stuff and any
: nightmares you may have had.) How is it that cable hook
: up still costs us plenty, now that it is been
: computerized for close to 15 years? You can only
: wonder why these corporations will not allow us to
: organize as a democracy of sacred living people with
: ourselves as God through nature, or provide us as
: running for power politicians, or as citizens with
: legitimate public concerns a voice eh? We have
: something like 26 million people in Canada being
: repressed by maybe, at most 60 less than human
: corporate bank cult members. The U.S. people are told
: by corporate news control today, that because Greenspan
: and his nazi friends have depleted close to 3 trillion
: dollars off the market these last twelve months by
: banker swindles, the nation of 260 million plus, which
: also includes the rest of us as the world, and all the
: good soldiers in the militaries, will be too afraid to
: face these, at most 15 bankers to take back our cash to
: thwart their recession on us all, and instead will
: hardship for years as fools who do not know what is
: going on, while they continue with republican support,
: to renounce citizenship, and take off out of the
: country with our cash running from Johnny. Where do
: you think there off to going to then eh? We're talking
: about useless individuals of our society, who know they
: provide no product or service but our own, while taking
: trillions of dollars, who's assets will remain the
: nations, as they truly are. Despite the fact that some
: corrupt politician said secretly they could steal our
: moola without our public say so through private
: corporate enterprise. Is it not a free market, because
: if it is, they should be in full agreement with us on
: this. The money they've removed from our market is our
: own to investors. Like I said, mutual fund managers,
: hedge fund managers, bond traders, and so on, are a
: couple of private banks getting in the way of our
: market place stealing our capital. The biggest
: windfalls in the stock market are not from the market,
: but bets from those who think they can get away
: stealing our investments. Again, it doesn't matter
: wether the market goes up or down, one small private
: company of five men will still have taken a trillion
: dollars from us all this year, not by investing in our
: economy, or doing good for anyone, but by being covered
: by Greenspan's very own personal and private American
: treasury department. So, I, me, as John, a citizen of
: Canada, lose my money here in Manitoba, to his theft
: from my private American banker indebted wallet that is
: unjustified, unwarranted, and in violation of my
: American constitutional rights, (article 1, clause 5,
: a.. section 8), and we're fed up, and we're not going
: to give them our cash anymore. They take our cash
: without our say so, inflation goes up, productivity
: goes down, and we're all left to suffer at wars with
: ourselves, because Greenspan is an ahole. Thank
: ourselves for the internet being so much a part of our
: spirituality with the word. I'm hoping maybe we could
: get together as the universe soon, and try to
: intelligently decide to put some skilled management on
: our bank's bogus private owners playing with our lives
: as their takes in our losses, to insure that they by
: law, serve only for our interests as living people, now
: that we know ourselves so much better as the robbed and
: unconvicted. What do you say? Make sense to all now
: no yes? Hmm.. Did you hear what our fascist friend in
: Ontario is attempting to do to all Canadians today?
: Trying to privatize the province's water, so his evil
: do harm, no good for nothing dimwits can rob us all of
: what it is to be alive. Why doesn't any private
: newspaper, or absolutely any entertainment T.V.
: program, call up the Prime Minister, or the RCMP in the
: air publicly, to ask weather this attempted
: americanized conduct against us as human, that does not
: serve the rights of a single Canadian bird, is grounds
: for treason, and if so, let's get these excuses for
: evil behind bars who don't care about ourselves as
: people who would if we could, refuse to be taken
: advantage of, as the unrepresented, of which in
: Ontario, is a tyranny of the dumbest proportions. It
: is unbelievable. He, Harris, who admittingly has a
: nice smile, has it where corporations who use toxic
: deadly pollutants, who want to compete in his
: deregulated death market, must illegally dump hazardous
: waste on us as the public to survive, leaving
: themselves to pay the reduced fine, of which is less
: that the cost of doing our business competitively in
: that God forsaken province. A nightmare of madness
: from the lowest order of hell's excuse for existing, my
: enemies of our planet. In my opinion, treason, but I'm
: not familiar with how the law pertains to likely
: bogusly elected officials who discount us as the
: living, because we're all so really dumb unfortunately.
: Or, how about Harris's horse track friend, that I wish
: would be taken out of business as quick as we should,
: along with all his personal assets given to the
: homeless, which are not of his own legally in our
: universe. He's got this private arrangement with us as
: his own private government no less, as a wanna be
: mafioso with slot machine profits, the worst abysmal
: affront to us all as citizens of our great nation.
: Harris is sadly, just not intelligent enough to know
: how to represent me as anyone, including himself. Why
: doesn't he just move to fantasy CNBC land then eh? He
: shuts down the police complaints department in a blind
: attempt to create a police state, because we're
: apparently scared to face himself as incompetent.
: Every high school graduated police officer in the
: province should be more outraged than anyone. How does
: a right winger anywhere get fairly elected, but by
: treating themselves so unjustly? It like the
: re-telling of biblical myth. He knows God's in town
: and all around as darkness and light, and knows what he
: is doing does not serve the interests of our
: communities, or any of our lives. But, to save his
: shallow Satanic ego, he's goes against himself truly
: relying on what he should know is wrong, but claims
: without debate he doesn't silently. Asking God as all
: people to get educated, which includes yourself. Hell
: is full of just these kind of sleepy people, of which
: I, as Satan, can do little of anything to help, other
: than berate themselves on going the wrong way with them
: not believing in themselves of course because their
: fading. Justice supreme I guess. He can change his
: mind by listening to anyone or himself, by simply
: believing he has much to learn about life through our
: mistakes in evolution as ourselves. But will he wake
: up to humanity? Will he live for himself through life,
: or despise all others to death to prove unworthy of
: himself? We're all still waiting to see this outcome
: in totality. So I guess that's it for this time,
: nothing much else to say, still walking around
: wondering why you refuse to help yourselves as humans
: trapped in the privately managed corporate media
: sector, of which I can not see, has anything to do with
: me or you politically and of much use to anyone
: anymore. Ya, God, will a.. blackmail ya, for a,
: existing so much and thinking big thoughts, ya, don't
: you dare try caring about yourself either, or we'll, a,
: rob ya of your a.. power, ya. We'll figure you out,
: and dupe ya. We'll make you look stupider than you are
: and call ya a coward, while we, a, huh huh, as
: corporate bosses with our private bank gods, continue
: to hurt ourselves and the community cause, we're better
: than you can be see, by only destroying ourselves by
: keeping the humans quiet. These machines will be
: fixed, or self destruct. Try to take care of yourself,
: please for Christ sake, pretend that your still alive,
: and live like you mean it. Because, I guess you know,
: our show is really flopping out here without me being
: challenged publicly as an equal, laughed at, or argued
: with by anyone in the open sky for fun as the Son of
: Zeus, but ridiculed, leaving me to live as the out
: casted, black sheep of the family, while thanking you
: all so much for the hospitality, and seeing me through
: these difficult times by ignoring yourself. Can you
: imagine what it would be like, when Clinton is no
: longer able to veto those things he use to? Imagine
: that for a second can you? Republicans openly as the
: public working to sell out every American life by PAC
: cheque pay off and getting away with it every time,
: because Larry and Chris will tell us Castro's
: commitment to education is simply dumb? Tommy, in
: charge of the continued wayward health of America?
: Remember, this is the guy who pays the lotteries with
: additional tax dollars on top of what they already
: steal from the people of the state he supposedly still
: represents, while okaying private contracts for prison
: labor to compete against minimum wages. A close
: business associate of the sworn in President I suppose,
: who's family tree represents ourselves as God too, who
: has publicly supported a regressive tax system while
: the supporters cheered, we want Bush because none of us
: understand to who or why we pay taxes for, just like
: the Billionaire war mongering bankers like us, without
: ourselves as God executing each other. Super strange
: leaving us all guilty as innocence. What more can be
: said? To be, or not be, that is your question today.
: Will you stand up for yourself as a living God the best
: you can while making mistakes like we all do constantly
: as an idiot, or will you idly stand by as a nazi
: coward, calling us as what would be yourself, and let
: your ego try to destroy us all, while we all happily in
: bliss participating in some of our never ending supply
: of excellent, best the world has to offer,
: entertainment programming? I'm God, ya, but you have
: to think for yourself, I.. i... really don't do
: absolutely everything as nothing, and I am now
: officially resigning as our, messing with ya all for
: the hell of it, son of a bitch department, to take a
: job offer I will except as my dreamed, restaurant
: critic of fine foods. Finally. I now, will leave you
: on your lonesome, to live as you see fit for ourselves.
: (Always only a prayer away though.) I'm going to my
: home away from home, and this is that. See ya John,
: you know I love ya, and I hope all the best for ya son,
: stay cool, and good luck with the chick worship thinga
: ma jiggy. Gramercy, and may God be as you were now
: then without me confusing this for you tomorrow, I
: mean.. ahh, never mind go away cause I'm naked taking
: a bath. We need my privacy as God for Christ sake
: John, so close this door now to leave me all behind to
: suffer the slings and.. Or, wait, I guess that doesn't
: rea.. Ah, go away and have fun.

: "Millions long for immortality who do not know what to
: do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon."

: - Susan Ertz

: "Probably the question asked most often is: Do
: one-celled animals have orgasms? The answer is yes,
: the have orgasms almost constantly, which is why they
: don't mind living in pools of warm slime."

: - Dave Barry

: He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.

: - M. C. Escher

: Mail this document to everyone you can,
: and God'll owe you one for being a friend!

: From on top of the world to you,

: your King,

: Johnny Wizard

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