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Posted by claymore on February 01, 2001 at 19:08:13:

In Reply to: Running Free posted by Johnny Wizard on January 28, 2001 at 18:25:04:

: Hold The Horses!

: Unknowable eternal soul element presence is here being,
: warmer than the warmest sunshine, wider than the sky,
: brighter than than brightest star than shines every
: night above, and there is nothing in this world that
: can change our love as God's recreation. The only
: thing being constant here, is change. It is
: understanding that this relationship is impossible to
: quantify into meaning through the very act of your own
: as the universe, provides yourself a relationship to
: all as a perfect stranger. Anxiety is possible when to
: be everything you reach for, would be to more than you
: could understand, but you can imagine, and yes John,
: you are you. It's the wariness of possible distrust to
: commitment and loyalty for yourself, you there that I
: am writing to as the reader, to something you know does
: all together, live to feel happy as pie. It would be,
: that there is life to this as it forever is. Of such
: simplicity, that thinking about it, make's it something
: amazingly unbelievable. See, I'm losing ya, but I'm
: not, and in totality, as we've elaborated through
: deduction, your universal design doesn't want to have a
: rotten time. Plus, we can enjoy easy living, even when
: we are alone by ourselves learning the piano. I
: wouldn't want one to consider that this is not here for
: them, as the man or women of everything they are, or
: have inspired to be by themselves. (But, you do know,
: as a plug, John has brought up some very good elements
: for us to consider, and I'm hoping Mr. Greenspan will
: join our monster team, as our Ace in the hole, with an
: eternal legacy as the man who actually got the job
: done, by knowing what he was doing by ignoring his
: critics. Forgive my son Mr. Greenspan, he just
: sometimes doesn't have a clue, and he gets kinda stupid
: sometimes as the do anything for a love song says, but
: I try my best to live with him as my own, as he was
: born to such a fool as me, lost forever in a love that
: brings to mind a favorite line... Ackem. Now that I
: say it... Mmmm? Oooh, that's my que.) Thinking of
: yourself as nothing else than everything you are, is to
: know you are here, just the same pondering our
: unquantifiable freedom, (which can fall us to our own
: devices), love, the gift of life, and science fiction.
: A life of infinite wonder to yourself, and free to
: speak your views about this too. I was just here to
: liven the place up a notch as the creative genius I
: know I might be, by believing I am not all that you
: are, but could be. Also knowing, that this is not even
: all that this is, but what words are to a lover, wrote
: convincingly, same time again but differently all the
: while. So the stranger in the mirror, is the love you
: have of this life called living, this even farther more
: beautiful than we can imagine. As you can manage too
: for laughs, John swimming in our eternal love as the
: spokesman for a lonely foolish God, who doesn't want to
: be, can leave this silliness to really get out of
: hand.. But oh well, what the hell eh? You are so
: beautiful it can make me feel giddy, I mean also as a
: super duper God bless ya, tough guy though really soft
: left righter, yes no? You know, this could become
: allot of fun. I love this being natural thing.
: Anyway, um, see ya sooner or later.

: No really, I'm better now,

: Mr. Wizzardy, caught up in a case of mistaken
: identity. Asking himself what he thought, he aptly
: named you in with a King of foolery. Carrying himself
: with pride, and a reassurance unparalleled in
: convictions, that from all for what he wasn't, it
: wasn't all bad. Thank you here is you too, or where
: would this not be without God to get out of something
: your not in completely to receive from ourselves, but
: you know this already, don't you? Wow! I am pretty
: amazing to myself to do this on my own eh John? John?
: Bha ha.. I love these crazy ways, you really cheer me
: up sometimes God, knowing you love me honestly like
: this, really makes this wonder.

: .
: ..... . .
: . . . . .
: . @ @ . . . x
: . l . . . .
: . \_/ . . .
: .. .. . .
: ... .
: . .
: .

: (Why yes, a piece of art work to some, but to others, a
: diabolical uncrypted secret code to keep'em guessing.)
: A remark at the end of this paper: Did you know that
: 250,000,000 people times $5,000 equals a 1.25 trillion
: dollar investment of ourselves in wealthy no nationals?
: We are mistaking out in other neat ways too by working
: for nothing.

You long winded queer. I would like nothing more than to see you die in agony.

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