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Posted by randrace on January 17, 2001 at 23:29:31:

In Reply to: Hey Tom... posted by Patrick on January 17, 2001 at 17:00:07:

O.k., this is weird, I have to agree with both T.
+ P.

I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing
D.B. in an Incline Village stripmall hole-in-the-
wall: Pata's Place (pretty cool bar, actually).

The downside of an incredibly small locale such
as Incline is the inability for the residents to
form nice, segregated "scenes". I'm all for
integration, but when you go to see a show the
populace has either to be forgiving enough to
enjoy being out, listening to all musics whilst
tripping over snowboarders, punks, hip-hopsters
and yes- hippies, or create an atmosphere of
uneasy tolerance. I give a shit about crowds and
their inhabitants, but this awkward mix were, at
best, indifferent to the band, which (surprising
to me) seemed to affect the D.B. Aside from the
rookie, after-thought, "'roid rage Rock-a-silly"
bass player, perhaps picked up on the side of the
road, on the way to the show (as evidenced by his
knowledge of the set-list and ability to play)
was the hideous sight of Harley's ass in the air
as he bent, incessantly fiddling over his amp. I
tried to avert mine eyes, but the club seemed

I can't believe that only Tank appeared to lend
credibility to the stage.

But c'mon, it's STILL a great show- it was
Deadbolt, I traveled 500 mi., drank Olympia, and
got to eat Ma's hangover eggs. In the thin, high
mountain air, it all seemed worth it; 'cause I
sure as hell wouldn't walk feet to nowhere to
play fuck-off music for shits like myself!

By the way- The Shakes were f***in' great and
translate to CD like tongue-in-ear!

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